I´m Mari Carmen Obregón, International Author, Speaker, & Charm Shiner 🙂

Im the Founder @efectowow Creative Training & Strategies.

Featured by Forbes as one of the 30 promises in Innovative & Creative Businesses, I help people & companies find their WOW to stand out, to drive more sales, to connect with the right audience and to be meaningful for them.

I do this through online & live conferences, workshops and products.

More than 20,000 people worldwide have lived this amazing experience:



Find Your WOW: The technique to surprise & design the unexpected.

Your Charm Factor: Discovering what makes you shine

Keynotes can be delivered in English or Spanish.

Private Online Courses:

How to WOW the Mexican Market.

How to Design a WOW Experience for your company.

For any inquires send us an email to: efectowow@gmail.com

Until then… #BeWOW


Design the Unexpected

How many Yellow Butterflies have you seen today? 🙂